Saturday, January 30, 2010


We have extremely courteous garbage men. At my old house, they would tear up the street at 5 a.m., dumping trash and heaving the barrels back in the direction from whence they came. I would usually have to go over to my neighbors to get my lids. The cans were often left in the middle of the street too.

I have noticed since being here at my moms that the men return the barrels to the sidewalk, and even replace the lids!

See? It is the little things that make me happy, people. LOL

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I was just looking back at old posts on here.

I was in a bad place then, hoping 2009 would be a better year.
I had NO idea what was just around the corner. *sigh*

I lost it all. My house, my vehicle, my routine, my comfort, and almost my husband.
I am not sure if I am doing the right thing by sticking it out with him. I question how I can still love him after all that he has done. But the bottom line is that I DO love him. I just hope that I do not feel like I did in that post, or in the months that followed EVER again.

Because it was my own little slice of Hell. It really, truly was.

I know it could always be worse. I think of M a lot in this regard. She is healthy. She is wonderful. I see moms and dads with sick or dying little kids and I THANK GOD that THAT is not my life.

And while I am thankful for being able to walk and talk and see and hear each day, and I am thankful that I have my child, and my mom, both healthy... it does not take away the sting of what DID happen.

I am not sure that T will be able to keep it together. Time will tell, I guess.
I know that I want, more than ANYTHING, for it all to work out.

PT: Day 2

As Shelley would say ... "Awesomesauce!"

M continued to use the potty last night. She had quite a few accidents, but I am not sure if it was because she was not used to holding it in, or if it was because she just wanted to wear each and every pair of undies that she has! LOL

She went to bed with just a pull up on. She stayed dry all night! This morning when she got up, the first thing she did was use the potty. She even takes it to the bathroom and flushes it. So today we are going to work on going on the actual toilet, at least for when she has to poop, that way mommy does not gag and stuff today.


She has a pull up on today just to keep her from peeing all over the carpet, but so far, she has stayed totally dry.

See? Awesomesauce!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Yep. A post about poop.

Today while at the playground, M was playing with a 2.5 year old boy who was fully potty trained. This made me feel like a colossal failure. So we came home and with no diapers left, I told her that this was simply IT.

She can scream and cry all she wants. No more diapers. I have some pull-ups for at night, but that is IT.

T brought out her potty. She promptly carried it back to the bathroom. There was much drama. I took off her last diaper and put her new Dora skivvies on. She got to prance around in front of the mirror to see them. She went for two hours, and then assumed her position between couch and coffee table (this would be prime pooping position) and I gently reminded her that she needed to use the potty.

And she did.

She walked over, pulled down her skivvies, sat down, and pooped.

Mommy gagged.

How can poop in the potty somehow be worse than poop in a diaper?? What kind of mindfuck is that? I mean, poop is poop. I think maybe seeing it in a potty container flipped a switch in my brain. Not to mention, how does a 3 year old poop larger poops than I do?? It clogged the terlet.

Yes yes. I know you could have done without that tidbit of info.

Anyway. She did it. We made a big, huge, colossal deal out of it.
Then, she followed me into the office, and promptly peed on the floor.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Steps up onto soapbox.....

I have been seeing a lot of things lately that are really getting me fired up. The first one being on Facebook, consists of a group of people trying to get a group kicked off of Facebook. I do not remember the exact name of the group, but it is something about not supporting the troops.

Now, before you go getting your skivvies in a wad, let me 'splain myself here...

I do not agree with that group any more than the next guy. I certainly would not have much to say to anyone who has joined up. I know a LOT of folks who do not support the war(s), but still support the men and women who choose to stand up for this nation.

I support our military. Fully.

I also support free speech. It is one of our most precious freedoms. I just do not believe in taking that right away from anyone...even IF the people involved are against those that fought for us to have that right, and continue to FIGHT for that right, amongst the many things that they fight for. *breathes*

Censorship is not a good thing, in my opinion.

It is ok to abhor the group and what it stands for. Don't join. Start your own group in support of the troops, or for/against something that really means something to you. But to sit and whine about how wrong it is for these people to have their group, and their say, well, it is not going to do any good.

I find that to be such a common theme these days, especially in regards to politics.
If someone does not agree with another person's view, then that person is wrong, or an idiot, or ignorant.

Why? Because they do not see things the same way that you do?? Pffft.
Do not get me wrong. There truly are some ignorant, and flat out moronic people out there.

I have come across some real ignorance in dealing with T and all that has happened as of late. Sometimes the things that people say leave me on the floor.

Anyway, stepping down off of the soapbox for now. I am tired. Night night.

Forgotten places

Wow. Until some asshat spammer tried to comment on a post, I had totally forgot about this space. Seeing as I had to (yes, HAD to) do some paid blogging over at my other place, I think I will start posting here again as well. The paid stuff definitely changes the way that I write, and I hate that. But that little extra money really helps. So, I do what I gotta do.