Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pron star

So. I went to high school with a dude who ended up in pron. And for those of you less internet savvy... yes, that is misspelled intentionally. LOL.

He dated a good friend of mine for awhile. And years later, another friend of mine (Stace) sent me a movie she copied off of one of the naughty channels...swearing to GOD that the dude in the movie was CG, the guy we went to school with. I watched it and was like NO WAY... yet, yes way. It was.... odd. LOL.

Recently, he added me on Facebook. Imagine my surprise. LOL. Tonight we were chatting. It was odd. He made the following comment and I could not suppress my laughter: "I am not shooting much these days, as the economy has really made a ding in the industry."

Do you see the humor in this?? He is not shooting much lately... oooh the irony in that statement.

I felt bad for him, for about a millisecond. I WISH I could get it as often as he has over the years. And to be paid awesomely for it? Pshaw! Bonus! You know, if I didn't have to a ho to do that. LOL.

All joshing aside... whatever. He works for his money. Even if the work IS fun.

Kinda jealous given how my life has turned out.

(and NO.. I would not want to be a pron star. No worries. Just feeling sorry for myself, as me and T's hard work got us where??? Pfft. )

Monday, June 21, 2010


Ok guys. I am a dolt. That link takes you to the map, and not the street view. I took a screen shot of it, but it is on my moms computer. I will post the pic later. Right now, I am headed to the pool! My nephew flew in this morning and I am anxious to see him...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Thankful for Street View on Google Maps!

Whether or not T and I stay together, once I am working I will not be able to afford to live around here. I have been looking around at the Cape Coral area. You can rent a house down there for about what a 2 bedroom apartment goes for around here.

So I find this house on craigslist. Keep in mind that I am just looking around, there is no way I will be able to do anything for a long while. Anyway, so I find this... .. Go see.

So.. I am loving the house. I read in the description that there is only ONE neighbor. And I thought... Hmmmm, so I plugged the address given into Google Maps. Thank GOD for street view.

Because THIS is the one neighbor.

NOW I know why the place is empty. LOL

Friday, June 4, 2010


I just watched the Dateline special about the oil spill in the Gulf. I am so fucking enraged right now, I can barely see straight. I am REALLY ANGRY.

Please tell me, someone, anyone, that the poor pelican they kept showing actually got some HELP. Please?

God. What a mess. And it could have been avoided.

That is what makes me madder than a pissed off hornet. According to the people they spoke to (and yes, I know one cannot always believe everything they hear..I am sorta trusting of the Dateline folks, forgive me...)this was TOTALLY avoidable.

I am not going to get into the details here. If you watched, you know. And you should understand why I am outraged. It is not just the pelicans and pipers and seagulls that suffer. It is not just the fisherman and the consumers who want their oysters that will suffer.

This is HUGE people. HUGE. And it goes so much deeper (no pun intended) than a lot of people realize.

I am angry. I am upset. I grew up on the coast. I live on the coast now. I LOVE watching the pipers scurry and the pelican do their graceful scoops. I love the smell of the ocean and I love floating about in her waves.

If you have never seen a pelican in action, you are missing nature at its best. It even makes me sad to know that those pesky seagulls that pluck half-sandwiches and Pringles right out of my hands, when I am not paying attention, are in trouble too. Then, there are all of those things that you DON'T see in the ocean. Things that will interrupt the food chain, that will have a long and lasting effect on our oceans.

Way to spend my birthday-eve. I am so totally depressed, and so totally disappointed yet again in humanity....

And then, something else that is bothering me and it should not because I SUCK in this capacity....but, I have not received even ONE birthday card. Happy Birthday to me....ugh.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I just wanted those of you who comment to know that I NEVER think ill of you for giving your two cents. If I did not want your input, I would not blog. So no worries, mmkay??

Good. Now.. that being said, I know I sound ridiculous in saying that he is doing everything right blah blah blah. I just cannot put him out on the street. I can't. If he was sitting here all wasted all of the time, yes, that would be easy to do. But he is not. If he was smoking the big C again, definitely. I did not put up with that in our own home, I am not about to put up with it here.

What I do know is that yes, he is an addict. He is also on heavy duty pain meds because he truly requires them. And that, is too much temptation. So how does one resolve this? I do not know. I really do not.

I also know that he cannot live without pain relief. That is not an exaggeration, or an excuse. It is fact. Even on the meds, he is in incredible pain. Bad enough that he cannot chase after the Pea, he cannot get down on the floor with her. Doing the dishes even, causes him great pain. But he does it all anyway.

He says he is not snorting his meds. I am not stupid. I believe that he is. I am not sure how many pills he does (never more than 1 a day, because hes not short any pills at the moment...)or if he does it every day. I think hes careful about leaving evidence behind.

And as I had stated before, once his fines are paid, hes got to get his own place. Because for as much as I love him, I hate him just as much. And that is a recipe for disaster.

So I would rather just start clean. And yes, I KNOW that I go back and forth on this like I am on a see-saw. That is because this IS DAMNED HARD. I believe he will forever hold my heart. I really do. I think he was 'IT' ...

I also know that in a year, 5 years, I may look back on all of this and kick myself in the ass. I just have to take it one day at a time. Everyone is so concerned about M. She is here with me and my mom, not just him. He is non-violent. We have fought in front of her ONCE. I do not leave her alone with him except for when I have to go pick up my mom.

She is a happy, well-adjusted kid if you ask me. It isn't like this is a drug house and she is sitting amongst a bunch of high people. No one can tell when T has done anything. I usually can, because his pupils get all big. But that is the only sign, scouts honor.

Anyway, whatever. I gotta go get my mom...


So I have been chatting with an old friend this morning. I had wanted to show her the satellite image of my old house that was on google. Imagine my surprise when I googled the address only to find an updated image. All of the palm trees are dead, the pool is a deep green..

It made my heart SINK. It is killing me that it is just sitting there, rotting.